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Planning for a loved one with special needs requires careful consideration. Those considerations can often feel overwhelming and it is difficult to navigate the complexities of financial preparation, securing benefit eligibility, and estate planning to manage short and long-term care needs. However, it is possible to plan and protect your family despite life’s uncertainties.

Some of the many issues that must be contemplated include:

  • What are your options to ensure proper planning and care of your loved one?
  • If your loved one inherits property or money, or receives a life insurance policy or settlement payment, how will that impact their eligibility for benefits like SSI or Medicaid?
  • What is his or her legal capacity? Is there a need for a guardianship either now or in the future?
  • How will financial needs following the death of the caregiver be managed? Are there other children to consider in the planning process?
  • Are there limitations on what a special needs trust can pay for, and does the trustee understand the financial issues around special needs support?

No one knows what the future will bring. Don’t put off planning any longer. Our firm is ready and waiting to hear your concerns and help you identify the best solution for you and your loved one.

At Frankel Estate Planning & Elder Law, LLC, we listen to your unique situation and concerns so that we can properly advise you to accomplish your goals and protect your family and resources. We understand that you are deeply invested in the care of your loved one and want to secure a safe future for them. We can help you evaluate your options and put together a plan to best support them and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Please contact us to learn more about the specific Special Needs planning services we offer by calling (610) 897-8994.

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